What happens after taking cocaine once? Side effects and safety

Do not try anything strenuous, and take some time off from work or school. Eat properly and try to reset your body clock by doing normal activities during the day and trying to sleep at night. It can last longer than the actual high of the drug because your body is recovering from both the physical exertion you’ve put yourself through and the effects of the drug. If you feel yourself crashing, you should eat fresh food, including fruits and vegetables, and drink juice or water.

  • Specifically, delayed decreases in NREM (withdrawal days 14, 21) and protracted decreases in REM (withdrawal days 1, 7, 14, 21) are seen (Chen et al., 2015) with shorter NREM and REM episode durations and fewer NREM to REM transitions alongside more NREM to waking transitions.
  • These can show up anywhere from a few hours to a few days after your last use.
  • The vaccine activates your immune system to create antibodies that attach to cocaine and stop it from making its way into your brain.
  • This, in turn, can lead to the development of a sleep disorder called insomnia, which may affect a person’s amount of sleep and sleep quality as well as other sleep-related issues.
  • This highlights the importance of addressing sleep issues in conjunction with addiction recovery, as sleep disturbances can pose significant challenges during the withdrawal process and increase the risk of relapse.
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Why Is Getting a Good Night’s Sleep Important?

If you use cocaine regularly or to excess, you may have long-lasting and serious problems with your physical and mental health. It can affect your heart, brain, lungs, gut, and kidneys as well as your emotional health and daily life — especially if you become addicted. Provigil is one type of treatment that is FDA-approvedfor narcolepsy. The drug is a stimulant that works on the central nervous system; doctors are not sure exactly how Provigil works on people with narcolepsy, but they know that its stimulant effects increase alertness. Doctors also know that Provigil can increase the amount of dopamine, the same brain chemical that is increased by drugs like cocaine.

Risky Behaviors and Sleep Disruptions

However, experiences may vary since cocaine can affect each person differently. This article explains what may happen after a single dose of cocaine, including the risks of death and addiction and what to do if an overdose occurs. The sustained increase of dopamine results in feelings of well-being and euphoria, a key part of how cocaine addiction can develop. Interventions should be handled in a safe, encouraging environment. It’s important to make your loved one understand that you want to help. If someone you know is exhibiting the symptoms of cocaine addiction, it’s important that you bring it up before it’s too late.

Can Long-Term Cocaine Use Lead To Insomnia?

People who co-use cocaine and cannabis may report reduced sleep time relative to those who only use cocaine. Co-use of cannabis may exacerbate sleep difficulties in people who use cocaine by decreasing total sleep time, although it is important to note that the groups each reported similar sleep quality. Implications how long does cocaine stay in your system for treatment and directions for future research are discussed. Cocaine abuse can negatively affect brain pathways involved in maintaining circadian rhythms, which disrupts sleep and wake patterns. Additionally, some experts think that sleep disruptions may influence drug use by triggering potential relapses.

But there are a few medication options doctors are having some success with. At the same time, you might develop what’s called sensitization to the drug. That means it takes less of it to cause negative effects like anxiety and convulsions. Your chances of getting HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, are higher if you use cocaine. Some research has suggested that cocaine damages the way immune cells work in your body, which could make HIV worse.

does cocaine make you stay awake

Does Cocaine Stay in Your System Longer if it’s Combined With Alcohol?

Consider talking to your primary healthcare provider if you’re comfortable doing so. Patient confidentiality laws prevent them from sharing this information with law enforcement. The more you use it, the higher your risk for developing a substance use disorder.

  • While some who are detoxing from cocaine will experience improved sleep quality after ten days, for some it takes up to three weeks.
  • By addressing insomnia and its underlying causes, individuals can enhance their sleep quality and support their overall recovery process.
  • How much you use and whether you’re also using other substances can make a difference, too.
  • When the subjects were sleep deprived, their immune system had a reduced ability to fight infection.
  • The extent to which long-term side effects become more severe depends on the frequency and amount of cocaine used for an extended period of time.

Sleep Apnea and Cocaine Use

By implementing these strategies, individuals can enhance their sleep quality, support their overall recovery process, and ultimately improve their overall quality of life. By employing these coping strategies, individuals can better manage withdrawal dreams, improve sleep quality, and support their overall recovery process. Sleep apnea, a disorder characterised by pauses in breathing during deep sleep itself, can lead to a range of health issues, including high blood pressure, heart problems, and an increased risk of accidents due to excessive daytime sleepiness. This highlights the importance of addressing insomnia in the recovery process, as it can make the withdrawal process more challenging and increase the risk of relapse. By addressing these risky behaviours, individuals can begin to normalise their sleep patterns, enhance sleep quality, and facilitate their overall recovery process. By recognising the behavioural consequences of cocaine use on sleep patterns, individuals can implement strategies to improve their sleep hygiene, address sleep disorders, and ultimately enhance their overall quality of life.

does cocaine make you stay awake

Snorting cocaine will speed up your body and your mind, making you feel excited and happy. You feel like you can push your physical boundaries beyond normal and you want to stay awake as long as possible. https://ecosoberhouse.com/ However, the drug will eventually wear off and you will “crash.” That will leave you feeling tired and even sad for days. People most commonly abuse cocaine by snorting the powder version.

Recognizing an overdose

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Keith Richards interview: ‘I gave up cigarettes, heroin, cocaine… but I still like a drink’.

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