Bobby Hanig

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Bobby Hanig, a proud resident of Currituck County for over twenty-five years, has dedicated his life to serving his community. After his honorable service in the U.S. Army, Hanig settled in the area and began his journey as a small business owner.


Starting with servicing rental properties, Hanig’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish not just one, but two successful businesses, including a thriving pool business and a property management venture. Through hard work and determination, he transformed a one-man operation into a business servicing approximately 400 properties in the Outer Banks area.


In 2016, inspired to give back to his county, Hanig ran for Currituck County Commissioner and won, subsequently becoming the Chair of the County Commission. During his tenure, Hanig has demonstrated a commitment to fiscal responsibility by holding the line on government spending and prioritizing initiatives to strengthen the local economy.


Hanig’s dedication to transparency and accountability became evident when he initiated a financial review of the Currituck school district’s finances to ensure taxpayer money was being spent wisely, uncovering discrepancies in financial reports.


Now, Hanig is ready to take his service to the next level by running for the NC Senate. His focus remains steadfast: to work alongside fellow conservatives in reducing wasteful government spending, cutting bureaucratic red tape hindering local businesses, lowering taxes, and ultimately creating more job opportunities in the area.


Learn More at https://bobbyhanig.net/


Let’s rally behind Bobby Hanig as he continues his mission to serve the people of North Carolina! For more information, visit his website at bobbyhanig.net and follow his Facebook page at facebook.com/SenatorBobbyHanig. Together, we can build a brighter future for our state! 🗳️ #BobbyHanig #NCSenate #ConservativeLeadership #SupportHanig #NorthCarolina 🐘