Allan Chesser

🌟 Big News from the First District! 🌟


We’re thrilled to share that our Representative, Allen Chesser, has delivered outstanding results for Nash County in the 2023 State Budget, securing over $55 million in appropriations! 🎉 This unprecedented funding will fuel growth, opportunity, and progress in our community. 💼🏡


Allen’s unwavering dedication to serving our district shines through in every endeavor. From his military service to his time as a police officer, Allen has always put the needs of North Carolinians first. Now, as our voice in the State House, he continues to drive positive change through his leadership and advocacy. 🇺🇸


Let’s rally behind Allen and show our support for his tireless efforts to build a brighter future for Nash County and beyond! 💪 #AllenChesser #NashCounty #NorthCarolina #CommunityLeadership #GOPFirstDistrict #Progress #Service #StrongerTogether 🌟