Ken Fontenot

🇺🇸 Let’s Support Ken Fontenot for NC House! 🇺🇸


We proudly endorse Ken Fontenot for the North Carolina House of Representatives! Ken is not only a devoted family man but also a dedicated community leader who embodies conservative values.


Married for 15 years and blessed with three wonderful children, Ken understands the importance of family and community. Having served our country with distinction in the United States Corps, he brings a wealth of leadership experience to the table.


As the pastor of Bethel Baptist Church, Ken has been a strong advocate for the marginalized and has worked tirelessly to foster trust between citizens and law enforcement. His commitment to serving others is exemplary, reflecting his deep-rooted values and compassion.


Ken’s remarkable professional journey, marked by eight promotions in eight years, showcases his outstanding work ethic and determination to excel. Notably, he was nominated for Teacher of the Year during his inaugural year of eligibility while guiding students at Forest Hills Middle School.


Ken attributes his success to his faith and the opportunities provided by our great nation. He firmly believes in the resilience of the United States and is committed to upholding its core principles.


Join us in supporting Ken Fontenot for NC House by following his Facebook page at facebook.com/FontenotforHouse and visiting his website at fontenotforhouse.com. Together, let’s build a brighter future for North Carolina! 🗳️ #KenFontenot #NCHouse #ConservativeLeadership #SupportFontenot #NorthCarolina 🐘


Learn More: https://fontenotforhouse.com/