Luke Farley

🌟 Exciting News for First District GOP Members! 🌟


The First District GOP proudly endorses Luke Farley for Labor Commissioner! Luke’s dedication to individual freedom, economic prosperity, and government accountability resonates deeply with our party’s principles.


Here’s why we’re backing Luke:


✅ Medical Freedom: Luke stands firm in defending workers’ rights and opposing mandatory COVID vaccination requirements. Learn more at [www.luke4labor.com](www.luke4labor.com).


✅ Vocational Education: Luke prioritizes vocational and technical education, offering diverse pathways to success and addressing the skilled labor shortage. Visit his website to explore his plans: [www.luke4labor.com](www.luke4labor.com).


✅ Right-to-Work: Luke is a strong advocate for North Carolina’s right-to-work status, promoting individual freedom and a thriving business environment. Discover more on his website: [www.luke4labor.com](www.luke4labor.com).


✅ Workplace Safety: Luke prioritizes workplace safety while preserving jobs and livelihoods through collaborative partnerships. Learn about his strategies at [www.luke4labor.com](www.luke4labor.com).


✅ Regulatory Relief: Luke opposes burdensome regulations like Biden’s Heat Stress Regulation, safeguarding job creation and economic growth. Explore his stance on his website: [www.luke4labor.com](www.luke4labor.com).


✅ Elevator Accountability: Luke’s proposal to increase elevator safety and accountability reflects his commitment to North Carolinians’ well-being. Find out more on his website: [www.luke4labor.com](www.luke4labor.com).


Join the First District GOP in supporting Luke Farley for Labor Commissioner! Let’s unite for a prosperous future for North Carolina. Visit [www.luke4labor.com](www.luke4labor.com) to learn more and get involved. #LukeFarley #LaborCommissioner #FirstDistrictGOP #RepublicanParty #NorthCarolina #VoteFarley 🗳️🇺🇸