Buck Newton

🇺🇸 Let’s Stand with Senator Buck Newton for NC Senate! 🇺🇸


Senator Buck Newton is a dedicated country lawyer who has proudly served in the State Senate, representing District 4. His commitment to conservative values and his unwavering dedication to North Carolina have made him a trusted leader in our state.


In 2010, Senator Newton was part of a historic group of conservative Republicans who flipped the NC Senate red for the first time in 140 years. Throughout his tenure, he chaired the Judiciary Committee and worked tirelessly to strengthen our state’s criminal justice system and business climate.


With a background rooted in law, Senator Newton is uniquely positioned to combat government overreach from the Biden administration, Governor Roy Cooper, and activist State Supreme Court. He’s a staunch advocate for protecting the unborn, defending our Second Amendment rights, and standing shoulder-to-shoulder with law enforcement against radical attempts to defund the police.


Senator Newton’s vision for North Carolina includes cutting taxes for hard-working families and small businesses, ensuring that our state remains prosperous and free.


A native of Wilson, Senator Newton’s roots run deep in our community. He’s a proud graduate of Hunt High School and Appalachian State University, and he’s practiced law for over 20 years at his firm, Newton and Lee. Senator Newton is also deeply involved in his church and has dedicated himself to serving others through various ministries.


Learn More at:  https://www.ibackbuck.com/


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